The Volunteer Opportunity Calendar includes service projects to engage volunteers in meaningful volunteer experiences.  
Descriptions below include a variety of volunteer projects in multiple impact areas. If you would like to search for a project based on county or age range, please use the “Basic Search” feature located on the Volunteer Opportunity Calendar page.
The Health & Wellness Program seeks to nurture the whole individual by organizing basic necessities such as food and clothing for distribution, educating individuals with various skills, as well as offering a listening ear and welcoming smile. 
Cooking Creations - If you have a passion for cooking and enjoy the fruits of your labor then Jersey Cares’ Cooking Creations project is for you. Volunteers are needed to help cook, serve, and enjoy dinner with adult or child residents dependent on the project location. Age restrictions vary. Please check the specific opportunity for more information.  
Computer Essentials – The Computer Essentials project is a basic computer course designed to introduce women to technology. Volunteers will help students with typing, web-surfing, and word processing. It is a fun, relaxed and engaging atmosphere which makes the project great! Female volunteers only please. Basic computer skills are recommended. Required minimum age is 18. 
Caring Closet – Our Caring Closet project takes place in agencies that house clothing donations intended to later be distributed by local shelters to the men, women and children residing in their facilities. Jersey Cares volunteers help manage clothing donations and carefully inspect the pieces to make sure they are ready-to-wear. Required minimum age is 18. 
Pet Therapy - Through our Pet Therapy project, even the family pet can help out!  Volunteers with mild-mannered family pets can bring them along to make friends with the residents. This is a popular, family-friendly project where volunteers can have a rewarding experience brightening someone's day. No certification is necessary. Age restrictions vary. Please check the specific opportunity for more information.

Donation Sorting/Prep – The Donation Sorting/Prep project aids agencies that accept and store donations for future distribution to individuals in need.Volunteers are needed to sort donations, organize displays, and assist in general upkeep. Age restrictions vary. Please check the specific opportunity for more information. 
The Homelessness & Hunger Program reaches out to individuals dealing with housing transitions and/or in need of food assistance.   
Market Place - Through our Market Place project, Jersey Cares partners with food pantries throughout the state of New Jersey to provide families the necessary means to put a warm meal on the table.  Jersey Cares volunteers help organize and stock donated items and prepare them for distribution to families and emergency victims in need. Age restrictions vary. Please check the specific opportunity for more information.  
Hunger Helpers – By partnering with local soup kitchens throughout New Jersey our Hunger Helpers volunteers assist these facilities in preparing and serving food while providing for our neighbors in need of a place to rest and a warm meal. Age restrictions vary. Please check the specific opportunity for more information.  
Mobile Meals – The Mobile Meals project aids in feeding New Jersey’s hungry. By providing hearty meals to the many individuals who are unable to reach a soup kitchen, this unique service allows volunteers and organizations to extend their influence even further into communities. This makes it possible to serve a broader base of residents in need. Volunteers are needed to help serve food and set tables. This project is outdoors. Age restrictions vary. Please check the specific opportunity for more information.  
Personal Shopping – The Personal Shopping project makes grocery shopping a social activity as well! Volunteers are needed to interact with families while shopping with them in the food pantry and monitoring their grocery tab during the process. Join us, connect with a family, and help make their day a little easier! Required minimum age is 16+ without an adult. 

Jersey Cares seeks to provide companionship and recreation for New Jersey's elderly through our various Senior Citizen Outreach Programs. 
Bingo Time - The Bingo Time project provides volunteers with a chance to socialize and have some fun with the residents at a senior center!  Through our popular project, volunteers join an amazing group of people for a night of B-I-N-G-O! Age restrictions vary. Please check the specific opportunity for more information.
Saturday & Sunday Social - Volunteers have the opportunity to connect with our elder friends through our Saturday and Sunday Social project.  This may involve reading a book, playing a card game or sharing a nice conversation. Musicians are also encouraged to participate. Age restrictions vary. Please the check specific opportunity for more information. 

Games Galore – Jersey Cares volunteers join senior homes to find new ways to liven up activity nights through our Games Galore project. Volunteers join an amazing group of seniors to play poker, video games or whatever is in store for the evening! Required age minimum is 12 with an adult, 16+ without an adult. 

Through a variety of projects in our Education & Youth Program, we seek to educate, empower and engage youngsters with the help of positive influence from volunteers.
Tutor and Mentor- Our Tutor and Mentor project recognizes that teaching a child goes beyond simply helping them with a math problem or science project - it is also about providing kids with confidence.  Volunteers can choose to tutor youth in many different subjects and levels of study. Required minimum age is 18. 
College Readiness – Through our College Readiness project, volunteers help highly motivated, low-income and first-generation college-bound high school students understand how to effectively plan and prepare for the next phase in their life. Required minimum age is 18. 
Kiddy Care - Our Kiddy Care project offers mothers a safe alternative for child care while they go for job seminars. Volunteers provide children with supervision, a fun activity and positive interaction through reading, games and arts and crafts. Required minimum age is 18. 
Chess for Success – The Chess for Success project is an educational project that uses chess to teach children high-level thinking and social skills. Young people love playing and learning alongside mentors while fostering a space for fun and structured learning. Join us in mentoring a child through the game of chess. Required age minimum is 16. 
Literacy Leaders – During the Literacy Leaders project, adults engage young children, 2-4 years old, by reading out loud to them in the classroom. Reading out loud builds listening skills, increases a child's attention span and develops the ability to concentrate at length of which all are learned skills. Required age minimum is 18.
ServiceWorks - ServiceWorks is a three-year, nationwide initiative that will use community engagement and volunteer service to help underserved young adults develop the skills they need to prepare for college and careers. Jersey Cares is one of ten nationwide host sites for this initiative. ServiceWorks is facilitated through a grant received by Points of Light and funded by Citi Foundation through their “Pathways to Progress, a three-year $50 million initiative to unlock economic opportunity for 100,000 low-income youth in 15 cities across the United States.” Pathways to Progress is the largest single commitment ever made by the Citi Foundation.It will help develop a youth service and employability training program that will provide professional development, networking, and project management skills, ultimately increasing employability for young adults (16‐24) residing in Newark, NJ. Additionally, they will engage volunteers to support training provision, mentorship and long-term program sustainability that will bridge the gap between high school and college for young adults residing in Newark. For more information on ServiceWorks, please contact
LaRhonda Boone or call (973) 533-1993.
The Environmental Stewardship Program strives to motivate and encourage residents to take care of our planet through an interactive and hands-on approach. These projects educate individuals on how to clean, maintain and care for our environment while having fun in the process!   
Earth Keepers - Our team of Earth Keepers work to revitalize and beautify parks, gardens and green spaces throughout New Jersey. Volunteers help maintain and improve such areas through a variety of gardening projects. No experience is necessary. Age restrictions vary. Please check the specific opportunity for more information.

Plant It Forward - Our Plant It Forward project works to bring a little green to the urban areas of New Jersey, as well as inform and educate individuals on green living. Volunteers maintain greenhouses and gardens built by Jersey Cares at local schools and community agencies throughout the state.
Age restrictions vary. Please check the specific opportunity for more information.
Our furry friends are also often in need of compassion and loving attention. We work to alleviate the suffering of neglected animals by partnering with shelters across the state through our Animal Support Program.
Pet Playground - The Pet Playground project works with cats, helping them to find a good home. Volunteers are needed to support Cat Adoption Days. Come meet these frisky friends and help them find a good home. This project is outdoors. Age minimum is 12 with an adult, 13+ without an adult.  (Currently Seeking Agencies to Serve)
In the wake of Hurricane Sandy, many individuals are still recovering from the disaster and faced with the difficulty of cleaning up their homes and neighborhoods. You can help your neighbors restore their communities and rebuild their lives. Join us!   
Donation Delivery/Cleanup – Items have been generously donated to agencies that aid in disaster recovery and for this project volunteers are needed to assist in the both delivery and cleanup. Volunteers are needed to clean and dust the donations of household items. Physically capable volunteers are needed to assist with delivery runs, loading and unloading purchased items from the delivery truck, and pick up donated furniture. Age restrictions vary. Please check the specific opportunity for more information.  
Home Restoration - In partnership with other nonprofit partners, volunteers support local residents in various projects managed by Jersey Cares Project Coordinators (Volunteer Leaders). Actual projects vary based on the homeowner needs. Please call for more information. Age restrictions vary. Please check the specific opportunity for more information.
If you are interested in participating or have other questions regarding volunteer opportunities, please email or call our office at (973) 533-1993.